APNA TIME AAYEGA LYRICS – Gully Boy -Ranveer Singh


Apna Time Aayega | Gully Boy | Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt | DIVINE | Dub Sharma | Zoya Akhtar – Ranveer Singh Lyrics

Singer Ranveer Singh
Composer Dub Sharma & DIVINE
Music Ankur Tewari
Song Writer DIVINE & Ankur Tewari



Uth ja apni raakh se
Tu ud ja ab talaash mein
Parwaaz dekh parwaane ki
Aasmaan bhi sar uthaayega
Aayega Apna Time Aayega
Meray jaisa shaana lala tujhe na mil paayega
Yeh shabdon ka jwaala meri bediyyan pighlaayega
Jitna toonay boya hai tu
Utna hee toh khaayega
Aisa mera khwaab hai jo
Darr ko bhi sataayega
Zinda mera khwaab
Kaise tu dafnaayega

Ab hauslay se jee ne de
Ab khauf nahin hai seenay mein
Har raastay ko cheerengay
Hum kaamyaabi chheenengay
Sab kuch mila paseenay se
Matlab bana ab jeene mein


Kyonki apna time aayega,
Tu nanga hi toh aaya hai kya ghanta le kar jaayega.

Apna time aayega x3
Tu nanga hi toh aaya hai kya ghanta le kar jaayega.

Apna time aayega x3
Tu nanga hi toh aaya hai kya…

Kissi ka haath Nahin tha sar par yahaan par aaya khud ki mehnat se main
Jitni taakat kismet mein nahin
Utni rehmat mein hai
Phir bhi ladka sehmat nahin hai
Kyonki hairat nahin hai
Zaroorat yahaan marzi ki aur
jurrat ki hai
Taakat ki hai
Aafat ki
Himaakat ki
Ibaadat ki
Adaalat yeh
Hai chahat ki
Mohobbat ki
Amaanat ki hai
Jeetnay ki ab
Aadat ki hai
Shauhrat ki ab
Laalach nahin hai
Teray bhai jaisa koi
Hardich nahin hai
Iss Harkat ne hi
barkat di hai, kyon?

Kyunki apna time aayega,
Tu nanga hi toh aaya hai kya ghanta le kar jaayega.

Apna time aayega x 3
Tu nanga hi toh aaya hai kya ghanta le kar jaayega.

Kya tu nanga hi toh aaya thhaa,
Kya tu ghanta le kar jaayega.

Apna time aayega,
Apna time aayega na.

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