Beet janiya lyrics |Satinder Sartaaj

Verses to ‘Beet janiya lyrics Song’ AKA ‘Beet Jaania’N (Endless Love) Extended Version’ track by ‘Satinder Sartaaj’ with its most recent cover by Jass Manak.

Beet janiya lyrics
Beet janiya lyrics

Beet janiya song info:

Song Name:Beet Jaania’N (Endless Love) – Extended Version
Singer(s):Satinder Sartaaj, Dee Ajayi
Album:The Black Prince
Lyrics Writer(s):Satinder Sartaaj
Composer(s):Prem, Hardeep
Music Publisher:2017 Saga Music

Beet Jaaniya Eh Ruttan Haniya,
Je Na Maniya Tol Da Ravi’n,
Chale Jawange Na Mud avange,
Vari Vari Dhar Bhaven Khol Da Ravi’n,
Beet Jaaniya Eh Ruttan Haniya,
Je Na Maniya Tol Da Ravi’n,
Chale Jawange Na Mud avange,
Vari Vari Dhar Bhaven Khol Da Ravi’n,

Kalle Ho Gaye Ve Jhalle Ho Gaye,
Zindagi De Rog Tan Awalle Ho Gaye,
Hoiyan Hairaniyan, Ve Dil Janiya,
Khanjaran Ton Tikhe Tere, Challe Ho Gaye,
Challe Ho Gaye,

Ruk Jana Ae Saah Ne Muk Jana Ae,
Fer Pishon Mittiyan Farolda Rawi’n,

Ruk Jana Ae Saah Ne Muk Jana Ae,
Fer Pishon Mittiyan Farolda Rawi’n,

Chaley Jawange Na Mud avange,
Wari-Wari Bhaven Dhar Khool Da Rawin,

Painde Sall Ae, Koi Na Hall Ae,
Chal Dila Apna Tikana Mall Ve,
Haafiz Khudaa, Challe Ambraan De Raah,
Mere Sartaaj Sadi Sun Gal Ve, Sun Gal Ve,

Jad Shama Painiyan Yaadan Aa Behniyan,
Suhe Rang Paniyan Ch Gholda Rawi,
Chale Jawange Na Murh Awange,
Wari Wari Dar Bhawein Kholda Rawi.

Beet Janiya Eh Rutaan Haniya,
Je Na Maniya Tol Da Ravin (x2),

Chale Javange Na Mud avange,
Vari Vari Dhar Bhavein Khol Da Ravin.

This is the end of “Beet janiya lyrics”.


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