Gazab ka hai din lyrics in english| Jubin N

Gazab ka hai din lyrics in english from Dil Juunglee: The song is sung by Jubin Nautiyal & Prakriti Kakar and has music produced by Tanishk Bagchi while additional lyrics are penned by Tanishk & Arafat.

Gazab ka hai din lyrics Info:

♫Song –Gazab Ka Hai Din
♫Singers –Jubin Nautiyal & Prakriti Kakar
♫Music – Tanishk Bagchi
♫Lyrics- Tanishk Bagchi
♫Additional Lyrics-Arafat

Gazab ka hai din lyrics in english

I feel love…
When I look into your eyes
I believe…
If you move out from my side
I’ll be loosin’ I’ll be losin’
Grip on you, grip on you…

Dekho kareeb se
Miley hain naseeb se
Aayega pal ye phir kahaan

Aaj achanak tumse miley hum
Ye to nahin hai bewajah
Pucho zara iss dil se
Hum hain miley mushkil se
Kal phir na ho’n hum jo yahan

Gazab ka hai din
Socho zara
Yeh deewanapan
Dekho zara

Tum ho akele
Hum bhi akele
Maza aa raha hai
Kasam se… kasam se…

I feel love…
When I look into your eyes
I believe…
If you move out from my side
I’ll be losin’… grip on you…

Alfaaz kya kahun main
Bechain si rahun main
Tu bin kahe ye haal jaan le

Mausam mohabbaton ke
Lamhe ye chaahaton ke
Apne liye bane hain maan le

Phir kyun faasla
Main kahaan aur tum kahaan…

Gazab ka hai din
Socho zara
Yeh deewanapan
Dekho zara

Tum bhi akele
Hum bhi akele
Maza aa raha hai
Kasam se… kasam se…

Dekho kareeb se
Miley hain naseeb se
Aayega pal ye phir kahaan

Aaj achanak tumse miley hum
Ye toh nahi hai bewajah
Pucho zara iss dil se
Hum hain miley mushkil se
Kal phir na ho’n hum jo yahaan

Gazab ka hai din
Socho zara
Yeh deewanapan
Dekho zara

Tum ho akele
Hum bhi akele
Maza aa raha hai
Kasam se… kasam se…

I feel love…
When I look into your eyes
I believe…
If you move out from my side
I’ll be losin’ grip on you…

Gazab ka hai din lyrics in english


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