Ho Tere Naina Vilayati Sharab Lyrics in English

Vilayati Sharab Lyrics in english ,Ho Tere Naina Vilayati Sharab Lyrics by Darshan Raval, Neeti Mohan is Latest Hindi tune with music given by Lijo George, DJ Chetas.

Vilayati Sharab Lyrics Lyrics info :

Song: Vilayati Sharaab
Singer: Darshan Raval, Neeti Mohan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Music: Lijo Georg

Ho Tere Naina Vilayati Sharaab Ho Gaye lyrics

Oh Ho
Aaye Haaye..

Haan Tu Samajh Meri Nigahon Ke Ishaaron Ko
Jo Bhi Dooba Hai Woh Tarsa Hai Kinaro Ko
Haan Tu Samajh Meri Nigahon Ke Ishaaron Ko
Jo Bhi Dooba Hai Woh Tarsa Hai Kinaro Ko

Nazaron Mein Meri Kitna Maza Hai
Jitna Maza Hai Utni Saza Hai
Isi Nashe Mein Kayi Barbaad Ho Gaye

Ho Tere Naina

Ho Tere Naina Vilayati Sharaab Ho Gaye
Inko Peeke Hum Thode Se Kharab Ho Gaye
Ho Tere Naina Vilayati Sharaab Ho Gaye
Inko Peeke Hum Thode Se Kharab Ho Gaye

Oh Ho
Aaye Haaye

Husan Yeh Wallah Wallah
Macha De Halla Halla
Ek Tu Hi Khoobsurat Hazaron Mein

Yeh Bole Gali Mohalla
Pehna Doon Tujhe Main Chhalla
Tu Haan Keh De To Le Jaun Sitaron Mein

Haan Teri Saari Baatein Lagti Hai Farzi
Chalni Nahi Hai Teri Koyi Marzi
Tere To Iraade Benakab Ho Gaye
Ho Tere Naina

Inko Peeke Hum Thode Se Kharab Ho Gaye
Ho Tere Naina Vilayati Sharab Ho Gaye
Inko Peeke Hum Thode Se Kharab Ho Gaye

Oh Ho
Aaye Haaye…

Ho Tere Naina Vilayati Sharab Lyrics video

Ho Tere Naina Vilayati Sharaab Ho Gaye lyrics


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