i’m basically saying im cooler lyrics

i‘m basically saying im cooler lyrics for “Neon Guts” from “Lil Uzi Vert accomplishment. Pharrell Williams”: Verse 2 Lil Uzi Vert, Yeah you never remained in Kailua (Hawaii), I put ..

i’m basically saying im cooler lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts
Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts

Admit it, I move like amoeba (Yeah)
I float in the room like I’m reefer (Yeah)
Alien, I’m not your kind of people (Yeah, yeah)
Telepathic, fam watch how I read ya (Skateboard)
You ain’t got emeralds greener (Nah)
You ain’t got rich up the sleeve (No sir)
And I got a Rolls that’s in the Grove
That I ain’t drove, shit, I don’t know the reason (305)
Andele, andele, arriba (Hola)
Me and J Balvin on G5 (Cholo)
Success is a drug and man we high
I am other is a beehive (Yeah)
I got love for you haters (Yeah)
Ain’t you tired of enslavement? (Huh)
Come with us, make some paper (Ching)
Cause you should own what you labor

Yeah, you never stayed in Kailua (Hawaii)
I put Chanel on my shooter (Yeah)
Flooded my chain and it’s Gucci
I don’t want that girl, she moody (Facts)
I’m basically saying I’m cooler (Slatt)
Get Dior discounts from my cougar
Back in the sixth grade, I got them bad grades
I was in love with my tutor (Yeah)
See, musically, Lil Uzi trappin’ man
Most of you rappers be actors man
Go M.I.A when I find little Madison
Stay at the Ritz-Carlton, this not the Radisson
Just took a blue one, ’bout to take the red pill
Purple thoughts in my brain, hope it don’t spill
Stay with a nerd just like Urkel, Jaleel
Fresh just like Carlton, I kill em with Will
Big ass “R” on my Smiths
Big ass “R” on my whips
Slip-on shoes, so you won’t trip
Said she kinda fine if she got some hips
Momma said, “Let me see the witch
Boy you know light and dark don’t mix
Mix it up, boy, bad luck”
Sick to my stomach with them neon guts

Higher than Elon Musk, so high stars eat our dust
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts
Dark energy, we don’t touch
Our jewelry’s beyond Tut
And It give a nigga colorful aura, like I got neon guts
Higher than Elon Musk, so high stars eat our dust
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts
Dark energies, we don’t touch
Our jewelry’s beyond Tut
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts

Yeah fam, Pharrell on Mars with my fellow star
I’m like lightning striking in a metal rod
I say, “Hello God” in the devil bars
So dammit, Amex, I got a yellow card

C’mon, yellow card, yellow card
Damn, P, I need a yellow car
I am from the root like where the petal start
I had to push like a pedal start
Started way after but ahead of y’all
New crib, got a better yard
Two years, I got hella cars
Since the eighth grade had hella broads
Hella broads, hella broads
Yellow painting with a yellow brush
Shit came from Kaws, probably marge
Slick my hair back like I’m Chico DeBarge (Ay)
I got some lights on my chest (Yuh)
Don’t confuse it with a heart (Mhm)
Heard things ain’t looking too good for you
Had to pull some strings like I play the harp
I get these billions alone
It been that way from the start (Start)
Smoking good kush, my cologne
Got neon guts ’cause I can’t see in the dark

Higher than Elon Musk, so high stars eat our dust
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts
Dark energy, we don’t touch
Our jewelry’s beyond Tut
And it give a nigga colorful aura like I got neon guts
Higher than Elon Musk, so high stars eat our dust
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts
Dark energies, we don’t touch
Our jewelry’s beyond Tut
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts

And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts
And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts


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