Kashi hile patna hile lyrics|Ritesh Pandey

Kashi hile patna hile lyrics ,(काशी हिल्ले पटना हिल्ले) Lyrics Latest Bhojpuri tune sung by Lyrics by Ritesh Pandey, Antra Singh highlighting Akanksha dubey.

Kashi hile patna hile lyrics info:

Song: Kashi Hille Patna Hille
Singer: Ritesh Pandey & Antra Singh Priyanka
Music Composer: Nadeem-Shravan, Ashish Verma
Lyricist : Rajpati, Kundan Preet

Kashi hile patna hile lyrics

Aankh Mein Jahiya Kaajar Kaini
Aa Gaili, Phir Babayil Karayi!
Kesiya Mein Jab Gajra Lagaini

Pichla Baar Isi Ke Lehnga Pe Na
Par Bawal Hua Tha?

Galiya Ke Til Kaile Jeeal Mushqil
Complain Mile La

Aeh Madam! Ka?
Ek Complain Humra Bhi Hai
Boliye Paadey Ji!

Tani Gaur Kijiyega
Kashi Hille, Chapra Hille
Patna Hille La
Ho Tohari… Haan Tohari

Ho Tohari (Haye Re!)
Lachke Jab Kamariya
Ta Saara Zila Hile La

Ho Tohari (Jiyoh!) Lachke Jab Kamariya
Ta Sara Zila Hile La (Hoon)
Ho Tohari Lachke Jab Kamariya
Jiya Raja!

Kisi Ne Tip-Top Bola
Kisi Ne Hip-Hop Bola
Padi Nazar Jo Babu Saheb Ki
Ka Kahle U ?
Unhone Lolipop Bola!

Baate Deewana Banawle Sabke
Kanwa Ke Baali, Achha!
Thana Thanedar Hile Dekhi Hoth Lali

Tu Jaibu Jawne Oriya Aggiye Lagaibu Ho
Rahi ihey Rahan Ta Murder Karbaibu Ho

Bolela Baaur Batiya Jahiya Taniko Peele La
Arre Madam Kahan Ka Baat Kahan Jod Rahi Hain
Hayi Suniye!
Haan Ta Sunayi Na!

Arrah, Mau, Ballia Hille (Achha!)
Jharia Hile La
Ho Tohari… Haan? Ho Tohari
Oye Hoye!
Haan Tohari Lachke Jab Kamariya
Ta Saara (Ka?) Zila Hile La

Ho Tohri (Saachon?) Lachke Jab Kamariya
Ta Sara Zila Hille La
Ho Tohari Lachke Jab Kamariya

Ha Haan, Arre Poora India Hili Baabu
Abhi Tu Dekhat Ja

Ja Badha Ke, Ladi Ta Awaz Kari!

Zila Jabar Mein Baani Hum
Suna Aeke (1) Piece Ho
Pichhe Humra Padal Baarhe
Kundan Ashish Ho

Ki Chare Din Rahi Rangeen
Rang Roop Bhes Ho (Achha!)
Ho Itna Kara Na Gumaan
Kaha Taare Ritesh Ho

Hota E Feel Aayil Taharo Ba Dil
Juthe Baat Chhile La

Shahi Padki Hain!
Hum Shahi’Ae Pakadte Hain!
Ta La Hayi Dhara!

Basti Sasaram Hile Deoria Hille La
Ho Tohari (Ka?) Ho Tohari

Haan Tohri Lachke Jab Kamariya
Ta Saara Zila Hile La

Ho Tohri (Jiyoh!) Lachke Jab Kamariya
(Hoon) Ta Saara Zila Hile La

Ho Tohari Lachke Jab Kamariya
Hah Haan, E Humar Jalwa Ha!

This is the end Kashi hile patna hile lyrics Lyrics.


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