kokki kurukiyum lyrics

Film: Olympiyan Anthony Adam
Lyric: Gireesh Puthenchery

Music: Ouseppachan
Singers: MG Sreekumar

Kokki kurukiyum kukukukku kookiyum
veyil kaayum vettukkili kaadoram
kothi perukkiyum kuruvaalittaattiyum
padakootti paayaanenthe

kunhaatta kunhungal kuruvi kurunnukal
ninneyoraleyum pedichirippane

(kokki kurukiyum)

Mazha pozhiyana malanirayude nerukayiloru koottil
manassu niraye viriyumariya kanavukalude paattil (mazha)

minnaarakkunhungal koothadum neram
mattarum kaanathe minnalay vannu (minnarakkunhungal)

chellakkinakkal kudanherinhal
minna minungikal melle vithumbilee

(kokki kurukiyum)

Ala nirayumoraruviyiloru cherumani mara nizhalil
veyil viricha kasavu thunnumariya chithra shalabham (ala)

maamunnan thedumbolodippaanhetthum
vaavavo paadumbol chaayurangum (maamunnan)

maarodu cherthonnu konjichoode
ellarum ninnude ullasa thellalle

This is the end of kokki kurukiyum lyrics


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