Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai Lyrics | Arnob


Majhe Majhe Tabo Dekha Pai | Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai by Arnob

Majhe Majhe Tabo Dekha Pai Lyrics song is sung by arnob. Lyrics of this song penned down by Rabindranath Tagore.Bangla rabindro sangit

Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai Lyrics
Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai Lyrics
Singer Arnob
Song মাঝে মাঝে তব দেখা পাই
orginal song Rabindranath Tagore
Song Writer  Arnob & Friends Live


Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai Lyrics

Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai
Chirodin keno pai na.

Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai

Chirodin keno pai na.

Keno megh ashe hridoyo akashe
Keno megh ashe hridoyo akashe
Tomare dekhite dey na.

Moho-meghe tomare dekhite dey na.
Moho-meghe tomare
Andho kore rakhe

Tomare dekhite dey na…
Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai

Chirodin keno pai na
Majhe majhe tobo

Khoniko aloke ankhiro poloke
Tomay jobe pai dekhite
Ohe harai harai shoda hoy bhoy
Harai harai shoda hoy bhoy

Haraiya pheli chokite.
Aash na mitite haraiya.
Polok na porite haraiya.
Hridoy na jurate haraiya pheli chokite

Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai
Chirodin keno pai na.
Majhe majhe tobo

Ki korile bolo paibo tomare
Rakhibo ankhite ankhite.
Ohe eto prem ami kotha pabo nath
Eto prem ami kotha pabo nath

Tomare hridoye rakhite
Aamar sadhho kiba tomare
Doya na korile ke pare
Tumi aapni na ele ke paare
Hridoye raakhite.

Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai
Chirodin keno pai na.
Majhe majhe tobo

Aar karo pane chahibo na ar
Koribo he ami pranopon.
Ohe tumi jodi bolo ekhoni koribo
Tumi jodi bolo ekhoni koribo

Bishoyo bashona bishorjan dibo
Srichorone bishoyo
Dibo okatore bishoyo

Dibo tomar laagi bishoyo
Bashona bishorjon.
Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai
Chirodin keno pai na.
Majhe majhe tobo

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