omalale ninne orth lyrics |Raaza Beegum

omalale ninne orth lyrics is the most lovely Malayalam melody. Yoonus Salim is an essayist of important melody verses. Raaza Razaq Imthiyas Beegum have loaned the necessary vocals for the team single. Raaza Razaq ; Yoonus Salim have made the music for Omalale Ninne Orth Song, have the lyrics written in English.

omalale ninne orth lyrics
omalale ninne orth lyrics

omalale ninne orth lyrics in english info:

Lyrics: Yoonus Salim
Music: raaza razaq & Yoonus Salim
Singing: Raaza Razaq & Imthiyas Beegum

Omalale Ninne Oortt, Kattirippin Suchimunayil,
Mamakinakkal Korth Korth,
Njan Ninakoru Mala Thirthu, Njan Ninakoru Mala Thirthu,
Omalale Ninne Oorth, Kattirippin Suchimunayil,
Mamakinakkal Korth Korth,
Njan Ninakoru Mala Thirthu, Njan Ninakoru Mala Thirthu,
Omalale Ninne Oorth.

Jivithathin Sagarathil Virahavedanayum Thuzhannj,
Jivithathin Sagarathil Virahavedanayum Thuzhannj.

Kantatilla Ninnematram, Katal Niyinnariyuvolam,
Katal Niyinnariyuvolam, Omalale Ninne Oorth.

Pranayamalayute Nulinattam Pattamayi Njan Paripari,
Pranayamalayute Nulinattam Pattamayi Njan Paripari.

Kantatilla Ninneyallathonnumi Prapanchattil,
Onnumi Prapanchattil.

Kantatilla Ninneyallathonnumi Prapanchattil,
Onnumi Prapanchattil Omalale Ninne Oorth.

Astamikkan Vempi Nilkkum Sandhyayil Nan Katt Nilppu
Tennalay Ni Pulkumenkil Charttitami Hrdaya Malyam
Charttitami Hrdaya Malyam

Tennalay Ni Pulkumenkil Carttitami Hrdaya Malyam,
Carttitami Hrdaya Malyam ,

Omalale Ninne Orth Nan Ninakkearu Mala Tirttu,
Kattirippin Suchimunayil Mamakinakkal Korth Korth,
Njan Ninakoru Mala Thirthu, Njan Ninakoru Mala Thirthu.

I love you
At the waiting tip
Mammoths Court Court
I’ve made a necklace for you
I’ve made a necklace for you

I love you
At the waiting tip
Mammoths Court Court
I’ve made a necklace for you
I’ve made a necklace for you
Omalale for you ..

In the ocean of life
Rowing boredom

As far as the sea you know
As far as the sea you know
Omalale for you …

The thread of love rain
I flew like a cat

കണ്ടതില്ല നിന്നെയല്ലാതൊന്നുമീ
In the universe ..
In the universe ..

I love you
At the waiting tip
Mammoths Court Court
I’ve made a necklace for you
I’ve made a necklace for you
I love you


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