Rubaiyaan Lyrics Meaning in English | Qala

Rubaiyaan Lyrics Meaning in English” Amit Trivedi, Swanand Kirkire, and Shahid Mally perform this song from the film Qala 2022. Swanand Kirkire wrote the lyrics for this song, and Amit Trivedi wrote the music.


Song Title: Rubaaiyaan

Album/Movie: Qala

Singer: Amit Trivedi, Swanand Kirkire & Shahid Mally

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

Rubaiyaan Lyrics Meaning in English

Gumnaam Undhero K Saaye

Awaz K Raaz Chupaye

Udeya Bisja Takraye

Tukre Tukre Dohraye

shadow of the unknown,

hide the secret of the voice,

fly and hit

Repeat piece by piece.

Mere Tirke Dil Di Rubaiyaa

Tere Kaano Main Ghul Si Jaye

The poetry of my heart will melt in your ears.

Misri Si Jaban Pe Aaye

Tere Saanso Ki Dhun Mai Samaye

speak sweet words

Get absorbed in the tune of your breath.

Tukre Tukre Dohraye

Mere Tirke Dil Di Rubaiyaa

Mere Tirke Dil Di Rubaiyaa

Kisi Ragini Main Gazal Ki Sakal Mein

In the form of a ghazal in some ragini.

Aaunga Main Tumse Milne Hazur

Khwabon Ki Bandis Loh Ko Bujha Kar

I will definitely come to see you

Extinguishing the cage of dreams,

Dunga Dakhal Buniyaado Ka Noor

Komal Suro Sa Haule Se Aa Kar

Chumunga Tera Thikha Guroor

I will interfere with the light of the foundations,

I will encourage you with sweet voices,

I will kiss your bitter pride.

Sakho Ki Suni Baahen

Ye Saraj Ye Sarad Hawaye

Tere Aksh K Zakham Sunaye

These empty arms

These cold winds

The wounds of your tears are telling.

Tukre Tukre Dohraye

Papihe Ki Prem Nishaniya

Papihe Ki Prem Nishaniya

Repeat piece by piece.

Papihe’s love token

Mere Tirke Dil Di Rubaiyaa

Mere Tirke Dil Di Rubaiyaa.