Singer Stebin Ben
Singer Sunny Inder
Music Zee Music Company

Teri Baat Aur Hai lyrics in Hindi


Mai sunn tu aasman
Tere aas paas bhi mai
Hu kaha
Ye fhasle ye dooriyan
Inhee rab ne di h

Tu hai bangle gaadi waali
Mere pass dil hai
Tere haal aur mere halat
Aur hai

Teri baat aur hai
Meri baat aur hai
Teri baat aur hai
Meri baat aur hai

Mere nasib me
Tera nasib nahi
Chand hai tu dur ka
Mere karib nahi

Mere nasib me
Tera nasib nahi
Chand hai tu dur ka
Mere karib nahi

Dur se hi dekhu tujhe
Dil hi Dil me chahu tujhe
Bheege bheege mausam tere
Aanshuo se aalam mere

Tere badal aur meri
Barsaat aur hai
Teri baat aur hai

Meri baat aur hai
Teri baat aur hai
Meri baat aur hai
Teri baat aur hai

Meri baat aur hai
Teri baat aur hai
Meri baat aur hai



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    What about marijuana use during pregnancy to relieve nausea in the first trimester or manage anxiety and depression? “There is no evidence to support the efficacy of marijuana for these conditions in pregnancy and it's not recommended as treatment for pregnant women,” says Dr. Luo. “I try to redirect patients to known safer alternatives. If a patient is using marijuana for other medical reasons, it's a discussion about the risks and benefits.” If you're using marijuana for treatment of a medical condition, talk to your OB-GYN or fertility specialist about the risks and benefits of continuing the use of marijuana as you attempt to conceive and through pregnancy. Marijuana is still considered illegal in many parts of the United States. But most states now allow marijuana use for medical purposes, (by prescription only). Several states now allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use. The chief active chemical in marijuana is called “delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),”  which is what creates the psycho-effect. Another major element of marijuana is called cannabidiol; which is commonly known as CBD.

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